The trustees of the Chauncy Maples Malawi Trust are pleased to announce that the Charity Commission has now granted the charity a cy-pres Scheme (ref: 883/1617). This enables the charity to spend the balance of its funds in pursuit of its objects: ‘The relief of sickness and the preservation of health among people living around the shores of Lake Malawi, in Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania.’

These funds had originally been raised for the renovation of the MV Chauncy Maples (built in Glasgow in 1898 and transported to Lake Malawi for use as a mission ship) to enable it to serve the lake-shore communities as a health clinic / medical facility. Unfortunately, largely for technical reasons, it was not possible to complete the project. Most of the remaining funds were restricted to the renovation of the ship so, in accordance with Charity Commission regulations, the charity had to launch a ‘failed appeal’ and contact donors to offer them a return of their funds or their permission to use them to improve the health of people living on the shores of Lake Malawi. Once this process had been completed we were able to apply to the Charity Commission for the Scheme.

We are very grateful to our donors the overwhelming majority of whom, by both value and numbers, opted to leave their funds with us for investment in health care. We are now pursuing a number of possibilities for investment of the funds in various lake-shore projects and hope to be in a position to announce the outcome of our deliberations soon.